Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 363-369

Cerclagem com abraçadeira de náilon ou de fio de aço no reparo de fraturas experimentais de sínfise mandibular em gatos

Cunha, Marina Gabriela Monteiro Carvalho Mori daPippi, Ney LuisSantos Junior, Eduardo BastosGomes, KleberFontes, Érica BatistaCunha, João Paulo Monteiro Carvalho Mori daSerafini, Gabriele Maria CalegaroKlock, Karine AlexandraTogni, Monique

The mandibular symphysis is a true joint with a fibrocartilage disc stabilizing both ramus of mandible. The mandibular fracture occurs in 15% of all cases of fracture in cats, and of these, 73% correspond to fracture of the mandibular symphysis. There is a technique for stabilization of symphysis fracture using a nylon cable tie band, however it is necessary to perform two lateral incisions in the oral mucosa besides divulsion of subcutaneous tissue, performing a tunnel so that the band can be passed from one side to another. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate an alternative technique of fixation with nylon cable tie band in mandibular symphyseal fractures of cats and compare the effectiveness, stability and complications between implants of nylon cable tie band and stainless steel wire.(AU)

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