Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 399-405

Alterações nos gases sanguíneos em cães anestesiados com dois fluxos diferentes de oxigênio em sistema anestésico não reinalatório tipo Bain

Natalini, Cláudio CorrêaFutema, FábioSerpa, Priscila Beatriz da SilvaEstrella, José PedroPires, Jefferson da Silva

The non-rebreathing anesthetic system is one of the most used in veterinary medicine in small animals due to the low resistance to breathing. The Bain System is constructed with one corrugated external hose, one internal conducting duct for fresh gases, an optional pop-off valve and two connections (one for the breathing bag and the other for the patient). According to the literature recommendations, this system requires an oxygen flow rate between 130-200 mL/kg/min. This present work aims to evaluate the arterial blood gases tension changes in dogs anesthetized with two different oxygen flow rates (100 mL/kg/min or 200 ml/kg/min) using a nonrebreathing Bain System, in adult healthy dogs.(AU)

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