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Analysis of inflammatory and metabolic biomarkers in patients submitted to abdominoplasty after bariatric surgery

Modolin, Miguel Luiz AntônioCintra Júnior, WilsonRocha, Rodrigo ItocazoCamargo, Cristina PiresGiuliani, Nádia de RossoSouza, Heraldo Possolo deBarbeiro, Hermes VieiraGemperli, Rolf

Purpose: To evaluate the serum variations of Interleukins (Il) and CPR of abdominoplasties in post-bariatric patients and, to equate the homeostasis (HOMA) from the variations of glycemia and insulin to evolute the metabolic modifications.Methods: Fourteen women were submitted to abdominoplasties with weight loss after a gastroplasty. Levels of IL4, IL6, IL10, CRP, glycemia and insulin were obtained during the pre-operative, trans-operative, 24 hours post, 7th and 14th postoperative days.Results: The IL4 was higher at 24 hours post-surgery, and after a moderate decrease, it remained high until the 14th day. The IL6 and CRP had an expressive increase during the trans-operative period. The CRP remained high, and the IL6 decreased on the 7th and 14th days. The IL10 increased during the transoperative period, and it posteriorly decreased to lower levels in comparison to the pre-operative period. The already increased glycemia during the pre-operative period was even higher during the trans-operative and then, returned to preliminary values on the 7th and 14th days after surgery. The HOMA accompanied the insulin. Conclusion: The inflammatory and glycemic serum levels decrease after abdominiplasty in obese post-bariatric patients.(AU)

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