Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

The alternative model of silicone for experimental simulation of suture of living tissue in the teaching of surgical technique

Silva, Ana Paula Gurjão daRodriguez, Juan Eduardo RiosOliveira, Maria Conceição deNegreiros, Róbson Miguel de AraújoCavalcante, Leonardo Pessoa

Purpose: To develop a silicone alternative model of tissue suture simulation to be used in the teaching of surgical technique. Methods: Twelve alternative models of silicone for tissue suture simulation were manufactured and implemented as a tool for suture pattern training of undergraduate medical students of Universidade Federal do Amazonas. Forty-eight students participated in the research. The evaluation of the proposed model was done through a questionnaire using the Likert scale, in order to verify the student satisfaction index of the alternative resource and its performance as opposed to the model historically used in the discipline, which is to suture in cloths. Results: The alternative model showed satisfactory results, especially with respect to the structural aspect, such as, better perception of anatomical planes, handling and transport. About 89.58% of positive concordant responses demonstrating expressive approval for incorporation of a complementary form of the alternative methodological proposal of the discipline of surgical technique. Conclusions: The model developed for experimental simulation of tissue sutures has proved to be a fully feasible alternative method for the training of this surgical skill. It is a simple, reproducible and low-cost model.(AU)

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