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Videothermometry to evaluate metabolic activity in real time during pneumectomy in rats

Vidal, Leonardo Waldstein de MouraCabral, Paula Gebe AbreuSantos Junior, Marcelo Borges dosAntunes, FernandaMota, Matheus Roberto daSilva, Tomas Ottoni Barroso daMonteiro, Guilherme Alexandre SoaresScheffer, Jussara PetersRibeiro, Mariana da SilvaOliveira, André Lacerda de Abreu

Purpose:To evaluate, in rats, the open field videothermometry in real time while performing left pneumonectomy for early diagnosis of cardiopulmonary changes.Methods:Twelve non-specific pathogen-free Wistar rats were randomly allocated into two groups; pneumectomy group (GP) and sham surgery group (GS). Mean arterial pressure, videothermometry in real time, of the right lung, and histopathological analysis of the remaining lung were evaluated in all animals.Results:Videothermometry in real time allowed identification of temperature variance of right lung after pneumectomy, indicating a significant decrease in temperature during evaluation. There was a statistical difference between M0 and M1, M1 and M2 and M0 and M2 (p<0.004) in GS, and significant difference between M0 and M1, M1 and M2, and M2 and M0 with p<0.0001 in GP.Conclusions:Left pneumonectomy in rats shows initial histopathological changes after 60 minutes of its completion, indicating a possible compensation beginning. The open-field videothermometry in real time proved to be efficient identifying the temperature changes of the remaining lung.(AU)

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