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Does the type of electrode affect the electromyoneurographic parameters in rats?

Somensi, Danusa NevesTeixeira, Renan Kleber CostaFeijó, Daniel HaberLoureiro, Karine DrumondValente, André LopesCarvalho, Luan Teles Ferreira deCalvo, Faustino ChavesSantos, Deivid Ramos dosBarros, Rui Sergio Monteiro de

Purpose:To evaluate if the type of electrode (needle vs. surface) affects the electromyoneurography parameters in rats.Methods:Twenty male rats were anesthetized, then compound muscle action potential were recorded using a Neuropack S1 MEB- 9400©. All animals were submitted to two electroneuromyography analysis: first with surface electrode and then by needle electrode. We evaluated the latency, amplitude, duration and area of the negative peak of the gastrocnemius and cranial tibial muscles.Results:There were no significant differences between the groups in the mean of duration, latency, amplitude or area of the negative peak in gastrocnemius and cranial tibial muscles.Conclusion:The type of electrode does not affect the electroneuromyography parameters.(AU)

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