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The effect of hirudin on antagonisting thrombin induced apoptosis of human microvascular endothelial cells

Zhu, JiangyingPan, XinyuanLin, BojieLin, GuanyuPradhan, RohanLong, FeiwenYin, Guoqian

Purpose:To investigate whether hirudin exerts its antithrombin action to decrease the ratio of Human Microvascular Endothelial Cells (HMVECs) apoptosis.Methods:Human microvascular endothelial cells (HMVECs) cultured in the third and fifth generations were used. HMVECs were divided into normal group, thrombin group (T group), natrual hirudin group (H group), thrombin + natrual hirudin group (T + H group), AG490 group, thrombin + AG490 group (T + AG490 group), natrual hirudin + AG490 group (H + AG490 group), thrombin + natural hirudin + AG490 (T + H + AG490 group).Apart from the normal group, the other groups were exposed to the relevant drugs for 24 hours.HMVEC apoptosis was assessed by flow cytometric and double Immunofluorescence of phosphorylation of JAK (P-JAK2) and TUNEL assay.Results:Compared with the normal group, in thrombin group the HMVECs apoptosis rate were significantly increased (P<0.05).The results indicated that the index of apoptosis and the apoptosis rate were improved in cultures treated by natural hirudin (T + H group), relative to cultures with thrombin only (T group). We found that the index of apoptosis and the apoptosis rate in the AG490 + thrombin group were higher than that in the hirudin + thrombin group (P<0.05). Double Immunofluorescence of p-JAK2 and TUNEL assays showed that cells were double positive for P-JAK2 uptake and TUNEL detection liquid binding.Conclusion:The natural hirudin and JAK2/STATs signal inhibitor AG490 could block the effects of thrombin. Natural hirudin could attenuate HMVECs apoptosis via antagonizing thrombin and it is suggested that this effect may occur by blocking the JAK2/STATs signaling pathway and this signaling pathways appears to be not the only pathway.(AU)

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