Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 415-419

Influence of oophorectomy on glycemia and lipidogram

Teixeira, Renan Kleber CostaFeijó, Daniel HaberValente, André LopesCarvalho, Luan Teles Ferreira deGranhen, Hícaro DonatoPetroianu, AndyBotelho, Nara Macedo

Purpose: To verify the influence of oophorectomy on lipidogram and glycemia. Methods: Fifty six female rats were divided into the following 7 groups (n = 8): group 1 - sham group, group 2 - oophorectomy 30 days, group 3 - oophorectomy 35 days, group 4 - oophorectomy 40 days, group 5 - oophorectomy 45 days, group 6 - oophorectomy 70 days, group 7 - oophorectomy 55 days. Animals were following by number of days according the group. Was evaluated the serum levels of glucose and lipid profile. Results: The oophorectomized rats presented higher glycemia. Groups 3, 4, 6 and 7 had a higher glycemia and LDL levels (except for group 6) and groups 6 and 7 had lowest levels of HDL. Group 7 had highest level of VLDL than oophorectomy groups. There was no difference in triglycerides levels. Conclusion: Oophorectomy was related to dyslipidemia and insulin resistance, mainly after 50th days.(AU)

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