Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 439-445

Capsiate treatment in liver surgeries may compromise its recovery

Barros, Pedro PauloGonçalves, Gisele Mara SilvaSilva, Gustavo Henrique daBastos, Maria Clara Villaça DiasRamos, Loren NogarotoFernandes, Marilia Marinello

Purpose: To investigate the effects of capsiate treatment on hepatic hyperplasia in partially hepatectomized rats. Methods: The animals were divided into a Capsiate group (CPH), a Capsiate Post-Partial Hepatectomy group (CPPH) and a Partial Hepatectomy Control group (PH). CPH and CPPH animals received 60 mg/kg/day Capsiate for 30 days. Next, the rats underwent partial hepatectomy. CPPH animals continued to receive treatment for 48 h after partial hepatectomy. Liver tissue and intracardiac blood samples were obtained 24 or 48 h after PH. Results: Capsiate treatment interfered with hepatic parameters, reducing the number of mitoses and apoptosis and increasing blood ALT and alkaline phosphatase concentrations. Conclusion: Capsiate treatment preceding hepatic surgery may compromise the initial period of postoperative recovery.(AU)

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