Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 216-222

Preoperative subcutaneous sildenafil injection increases random flap survival in rats

Serin, MerdanAltinel, DincerLeblebici, CemBiltekin, BurcuCelikten, MertIrmak, FatihYazar, Sevgi Kurt

Purpose: To investigate the effect of subcutaneous sildenafil on random flap survival. Methods: Fourteen Wistar rats, which were divided in to two groups, were used for this experimental study. Rats in the sildenafil group received subcutaneous sildenafil injections daily for seven days before flap elevation. At the end of the treatment period, 9x3 cm dorsal skin flaps were elevated and reinserted back into their place in all of the animals. Necrotic and whole flaps areas were recorded on graph papers. Seven days after the flap elevation samples for histological examination were taken and angiographies were performed to visualize the flap vascularization. Results: The calculated average percentage of necrotic flap areas were 18.29% and 42.26% in the sildenafil and control group respectively.(p=0.0233). In selected angiography images, vessels were found to be more prominent in the sildenafil group. The average number of capillary formations under light microscopy was higher in the sildenafil group (p= 0.0286). Conclusion: The subdermal high dose sildenafil has a positive effect on flap survival.(AU)

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