Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 975-982

Hepatic retractor in an ex vivo model

Silveira, Delano GurgelBarreira, Márcio AlencarMoura Junior, Luiz Gonzaga deMesquita, Charles Jean Gomes deRocha, Hermano Alexandre LimaBorges, Gleydson Cesar de Oliveira

Purpose:To discuss the use of models of hepatic retraction by laparoscopy, to present a new Hepatic Retractor (HR) and to evaluate its practicality, efficacy and safety in Esophageal Hiatus Exposure (EHE).Methods:Experimental cross - sectional study with a quantitative character. It was carried out in the Laboratory of Health Training of Christus University Center. The sample consisted of 12 livers of adult pigs weighing between 30 and 45 kg. A circular-shaped HR, 5 cm diameter and deformable materials was developed with a polypropylene cloth, metallic guide wire, epidural needle plastic guide and nylon string. The practicality of HR management was measured by the time required to use the instrument, efficacy by exposure to the operative field and safety by macroscopic assessment of liver damage.Results:The average time to complete the procedure was 3.24 minutes and reached less than 2 minutes after 12 repetitions. In eight experiments the maximum degree of EHE was obtained. No macroscopic lesions were observed.Conclusion:The use of HR described can broaden the operative field, without causing macroscopic liver lesions and prolonging the surgical time.(AU)

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