Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1027-1036

Absorbable suture. Best aesthetic outcome in cesarian scar

Lima, Roberta Junqueira deSchnaider, Taylor BrandãoFrancisco, Antônio Marcos ColdibelliFrancescatoVeiga, Daniela

Purpose:To compare two suture threads, poliglecaprone 25 and nylon, used as intradermal suture for skin closure in women undergoing their first cesarean section.Methods:This is a randomized clinical trial. A total of 60 women undergoing their first cesarean section were enrolled and prospectively assessed. They were randomly allocated to group I (n=30), which received an intradermal suture with nylon 4.0 or to group II (n=30), which had an intradermal suture with poliglecaprone 25, 4.0. The main author took standardized photographs of the scar 6 months after the operation. Four independent raters, two senior obstetricians and two senior plastic surgeons (a male and a female physician from each specialty) assessed the photographs.The panelists rated the scar according to Trimbos scale, composed by the subscales hypertrophy, color and width of the scar.Results:At baseline, patients in both groups were similar regarding age and body mass index. Five patients withdraw the study, four from group and one from group II. Scars of patients from group II were significantly less hypertrophic (p=0.001), thinner (p=0.019) and had more acceptable color (p=0.019).Conclusion:The intradermal suture with poliglecaprone 25 for skin closure after cesarean incision provides better aesthetic result.(AU)

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