Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 691-696

Continuous versus interrupted suture technique in microvascular anastomosis in rats

Barros, Rui Sergio Monteiro deLeal, Rafael AquinoTeixeira, Renan Kleber CostaYamaki, Vitor NagaiFeijó, Daniel HaberGouveia, Eduardo Henrique HerbsterValente, André LopesFeitosa-Junior, Denilson José SilvaCarvalho, Luan Teles Ferreira de

Purpose: To compare the continuous and interrupted suture technique on femoral artery on rats after vessel repair and 14 days after. Methods: Twenty rats were operated randomly divided into two group matched according to the suture technique used: interrupted or continuous. We performed a femoral anastomosis on the right femoral artery. We analyzed weight, arterial caliber, anastomosis time and patency after vessel repair and 14 days after. Results: There was no significant difference between groups in the weight (p=0.64), diameter of the femoral artery (p=0.95) and patency (p=1.00). The time spent in the anastomosis was 451 seconds in the continuous group and 718 seconds in the interrupted group, presenting significant difference (p 0.01). Conclusion: The continuous suture technique shows a similar patency rates than interrupted technique, however with a shorter time to perform the anastomosis.(AU)

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