Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 515-522

Does mesenchymal stem cell improve the liver regeneration after the 70% hepatectomy?

Alves, Ana Karina SoaresLanzoni, ValériaFuziy, Rogério AokiFranco, Rita Maria Aparecida Monteiro MouraMaeda, Carlos ToshinoriLopes Filho, Gaspar de JesusLinhares, Marcelo Moura

Purpose: To evaluate the effects of mesenchymal stem cells on liver regeneration in rats following a 70% hepatectomy. Methods: Forty rats were subjected to 70% hepatectomy and then ~106 mesenchymal stem cells (test group), or saline solution (control group), were infused into their livers via the portal vein. Each treatment group was divided into early and late subgroups (euthanized 3 d and 5 d following the operation, respectively). Group comparisons of Albumin, aminotransaminases (AST, ALT), and Alcaline Phosphatase (AP) levels, proliferative index (ki-67+ straining), and mitotic cell counts were conducted. Results: No significant differences in liver regeneration rate, number of mitoses, proliferative index, or serum levels of albumin, AST, or AP were observed. ALT levels were higher in the test group than in the control group (p .05). Conclusions: Mesenchymal stem-cell therapy did not improve liver regeneration rate 3 d or 5 d after 70% hepatectomy in rats. Likewise, the therapy appeared not to affect liver function, proliferative index, or number of mitoses significantly.(AU)

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