Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 388-395

DNA damage in Wistar Kyoto rats exercised during pregnancy

Corrêa, Mikaela da SilvaGelaleti, Rafael BottaroBento, Giovana FernandaDamasceno, Débora CristinaPeraçoli, José Carlos

Purpose: To evaluate DNA damage levels in pregnant rats undergoing a treadmill exercise program. Methods: Wistar Kyoto rats were allocated into two groups (n= 5 animals/group): non-exercise and exercise. The pregnant rats were underwent an exercise protocol on a treadmill throughout pregnancy. Exercise intensity was set at 50% of maximal capacity during maximal exercise testing performed before mating. Body weight, blood pressure and glucose levels, and triglyceride concentration were measured during pregnancy. At day 10 post-natal, the animals were euthanized and maternal blood samples were collected for DNA damage. Results: Blood pressure and glucose levels and biochemical measurements showed no significant differences. Increased DNA damage levels were found in exercise group compared to those of non-exercise group (p 0.05). Conclusion: The exercise intensity protocol used in the study might have been exhaustive leading to maternal increased DNA damage levels, demonstrating the relevance of an adequate protocol of physical exercise.(AU)

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