Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 319-324

Development of a new model of actinic enteritis in rats using a cobalt-60 open source and a protection device as a collimator

Nunes, Vinicius Rodrigues TarantoVidigal, Paula Vieira TeixeiraPereira, Márcio TadeuLadeira, Luís Carlos DuarteBarbuto, Rafael CalvãoDuval-Araujo, Ivana

Purpose: To describe a new model of actinic enteritis that does not use radiotherapy machines. Methods: Sixteen Wistar rats were divided into four groups, consisting of four animals each: control (group A), two weeks after irradiation (group B), five weeks after irradiation (group C) and eight weeks after irradiation (group D). Animals were given a 10Gy radiation from a Cobalt-60 natural source in a nuclear technology research center. Protections of the surrounding tissues were obtained through the usage of plumb devices with a hole in the center, which served as a collimator. We obtained irradiated and non-irradiated colons from each animal. Results: In group B we found an important inflammatory response in the irradiated colon, which appeared in a reduced way in group C and was minimal in group D, in which we found a relevant collagen submucosal deposition/fibrosis. In all groups, the non-irradiated colon had a lower pathological damage in comparison with the irradiated colon. Conclusion: We thus described an efficient and feasible technique for obtaining an animal model of actinic enteritis.(AU)

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