Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 243-250

Analysis of gene expression EGFR and KRAS, microRNA-21 and microRNA-203 in patients with colon and rectal cancer and correlation with clinical outcome and prognostic factors

Carvalho, Thais Inácio deNovais, Paulo CezarLizarte Neto, Fermino SanchesSicchieri, Renata DanielleRosa, Marcella Suelma TorrecillasCarvalho, Camila Albuquerque Mello deTirapelli, Daniela Pretti da CunhaPeria, Fernanda MarisRocha, José Joaquim Ribeiro daFéres, Omar

Purpose: To evaluate the expression of EGFR, KRAS genes, microRNAs-21 and 203 in colon and rectal cancer samples, correlated with their age at diagnosis, histological subtype, value of pretreatment CEA, TNM staging and clinical outcome. Methods: Expression of genes and microRNAs by real time PCR in tumor and non-tumor samples obtained from surgical treatment of 50 patients. Results: An increased expression of microRNAs-21 and 203 in tumor samples in relation to non-tumor samples was found. There was no statistically significant difference between the expression of these genes and microRNAs when compared to age at diagnosis and histological subtype. The EGFR gene showed higher expression in relation to the value of CEA diagnosis. The expression of microRNA-203 was progressively lower in relation to the TNM staging and was higher in the patient group in clinical remission. Conclusions: The therapy of colon and rectum tumors based on microRNAs remains under investigation reserving huge potential for future applications and clinical interventions in conjunction with existing therapies. We expect, based on the exposed data, to stimulate the development of new therapeutic possibilities, making the treatment of these tumors more effective.(AU)

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