Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 157-167

Surgical model pig ex vivo for venous dissection teaching in medical schools

Tube, Milton Ignacio CarvalhoSpencer-Netto, Fernando Antonio CampeloOliveira, Anderson Igor Pereira deHolanda, Arthur Cesário deBarros, Bruno Leão dos SantosRezende, Caio Cezar GomesCavalcanti, João Pedro GuerraBatista, Marília ApolinárioCampos, Josemberg Marins

Purpose: To investigate a method for development of surgical skills in medical students simulating venous dissection in surgical ex vivo pig model. Methods: Prospective, analytical, experimental, controlled study with four stages: selection, theoretical teaching, training and assessment. Sample of 312 students was divided into two groups: Group A - 2nd semester students; Group B - students of 8th semester. The groups were divided into five groups of 12 students, trained two hours per week in the semester. They set up four models to three students in each skill station assisted by a monitor. Teaching protocol emergency procedures training were applied to venous dissection, test goal-discursive and OSATS scale. Results: The pre-test confirmed that the methodology has not been previously applied to the students. The averages obtained in the theoretical evaluation reached satisfactory parameters in both groups. The results of applying OSATS scale showed the best performance in group A compared to group B, however, both groups had satisfactory medium. Conclusion: The method was enough to raise a satisfactory level of skill both groups in venous dissection running on surgical swine ex vivo models.(AU)

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