Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 140-147

Short-term buserelin administration induces apoptosis and morphological changes in adult rat testes

Khadivi, BehnazPeirouvi, TahminehJavanmardI, Masumeh ZirakRasmi, Yousef

Purpose: To investigate the effect of buserelin on gonadal structure and function in adult male rats. Methods: Twenty-four adult Wistar male rats were divided into three groups: two treated groups and controls. The first and second treated groups received 300 (low dose) and 500 (high dose) µg/kg buserelin, respectively, and the control group received normal saline. All groups were treated subcutaneously for five days. Results: The seminiferous tubular epithelial thickness was significant decreased in the treated groups compared with those in the control. There was a significant increase in apoptotic cell death in high dose treated group compared with low dose treated and control groups. No significant difference in serum testosterone level was observed after one month in the three groups. Conclusion: Buserelin induces apoptotic cell death and decreased diameter and epithelium thickness of seminiferous tubules in the adult rat testes.(AU)

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