Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 843-852

Effect of ovariectomy in bone structure of mandibular condyle

Constâncio, CristinaPagani, Bruna TrazziAzevedo, Regina Magrini Guedes deGrion, Dalva PazziniMarques, LeonardoKinoshita, Angela

Purpose: To evaluate the bone structure of the mandibular condyle through an animal model, after ovariectomy. Methods: Thirty-six female Wistar rats were divided into 2 groups. The OVX group was submitted to bilateral ovariectomy, the SHAM group underwent the same surgical treatment, but without removal of the ovaries. After 90, 105 and 135 days after surgery, six animals from each group were submitted to euthanasia and the part containing the condyle was removed. Results: The microscopic analysis shows an increase in marrow spaces over time in the OVX group. The morphometric study shows reduction in the amount of bone tissue in the OVX group 135 days period in comparison with for the initial period (90 days) (p 0.05, ANOVA, Tukey). Conclusion: The estrogen deficiency also affects the bone structure of the condyle.(AU)

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