Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 28-37

Exogenous neuregulin-1 attenuates STZ-induced diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain in rats

Zhou, FangXia, ZhongyuanLiu, KangZhou, Qin

Purpose: To investigate whether modulating NRG1 could attenuate diabetic neuropathic pain and analyze the underlying mechanism. Methods: Male SD rats were randomly divided into control group, diabetic group, NRG1 intervention group. After STZ-induced 2 weeks, NRG1 intervention daily for consecutive 7 days. 4 weeks after NRG1 intervention, both the mechanical withdrawal threshold and the morphological changes of the dorsal root ganglion and sural nerve were observed. Meanwhile, the expression of NGF, IL-1, TNF- in spinal cord were determined. Results: Compared with the diabetic group, NRG1 treatment improved the mechanical withdrawal threshold in diabetic rats, pathological changes of dorsal root ganglion and sural nerve were alleviated by NRG1 treatment with electron microscopy imagine. Moreover, compared with the control group, the expression of NGF was significantly decreased and the production of IL-1, TNF- were markedly induced in diabetic group. Furthermore, NRG1 treatment could normalized the above effect as compared to diabetic group. Conclusion: NRG1 exerted positive effects on the behavioral and pathological changes of rats with STZ-induced diabetic neuropathic pain, the underlying mechanism might be related to the promotion of NGF excretion and the inhibition of inflammatory cytokines excretion.(AU)

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