Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 621-628

Noradrenaline and dobutamine effects on the volume expansion with normal saline in rabbits subjected to hemorrhage

Ramalho, Gualter LisboaVane, Matheus FachiniLima, Luciana CavalcantiVane, Lucas FachiniAmorim, Rosa BeatrizDomingues, Maria AparecidaMoraes, José Mariano Soares deCarvalho, Lídia Raquel deTanaka, Pedro PauloVane, Luiz Antonio

PURPOSE: To evaluate the effects of dobutamine (DB), noradrenaline (NA), and their combination (NADB), on volume retention in rabbits submitted to hemorrhage. METHODS: Thirty six rabbits were randomly divided into 6 groups: SHAM, Control, Saline, DB, NA, DB+NA. All the animals, except for SHAM, were subjected to hemorrhage of 25% of the calculated blood volume. Control animals were replaced with their own blood. The other groups received NSS 3 times the volume withdrawn. The intravascular retention, hematocrit, diuresis, central venous pressure, mean arterial pressure, NGAL, dry-to-wet lung weight ratio (DTWR) and the lung and kidney histology were analyzed. RESULTS: Replacement with NSS and NA, DB or NA+DB did not produce differences in the intravascular retention. After hemorrhage, the animals presented a significant decrease in the MAP and CVP, which were maintained until volume replacement. Regarding NGAL, dry-to-wet-lung-weight ratio, lung and kidney histology, there were no statistical differences between the groups. CONCLUSION: The use of noradrenaline, dobutamine or their combination did not increase the intravascular retention of volume after normal saline infusion.(AU)

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