Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 533-541

Validation of a new technique to freezing and embedding tissue in Mohs surgery, using an animal model

Sanchez, Frederico HassinRibeiro Filho, JoaquimRusso, Asdrubal Cesar

PURPOSE:To validate the innovative Dry Ice method, comparing it with two standard methods currently used for tissue processing in Mohs surgery, the Heat Sink method and the Miami Special.METHODS:Forty eight samples of pigs kin with the standard beveled Mohs technique were used, and randomly allocated into six groups. Each group was processed with one of the 3 methods and evaluated for: The freezing time, the depth required to cut into the block to obtain a complete section, and the quality of histological slides analyzed with a image software. The statistical analysis was performed with the software SAS(r) System. The inferential analysis was made by one-way ANOVA.RESULTS:The Miami Special showed a processing time significantly shorter than Dry Ice method and Heat Sink method. There was no significant difference in the depth required to cut into the blocks, and area of surgical margins visualized.CONCLUSION:The Dry Ice method was as efficient as the other two methods currently used in Mohs surgery, considering the individual advantages and disadvantages of each method.(AU)

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