Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 183-189

Grape seed protects cholestatic rats liver from ischemia/reperfusion injury

Çakır, TuğrulAslaner, ArifTekeli, Seçkin ÕzgürGüneş, KasımKinaci, ErdemDoğan, UğurTekeli, FeyzaAkyüz, CebrailKoç, SüleymanYılmaz, Necat

PURPOSE:To determine the effect of grape-seed extract against ischemia/reperfusion injury in cholestatic liver.METHODS:Eighteen Wistar albino rats were divided into three groups. In control and study groups, cholestasis was provided by bile duct ligation. Seven days later, the rats were subjected to 30 min hepatic ischemia, followed by 60 min of reperfusion. Oral administration of 50 mg/kg/day grape-seed extract was started 15 days before bile duct ligation and continued to the second operation in the study group. Serum, plasma and liver samples were taken. Laboratory analysis, tissue gluthation, malondialdehyde, myeloperoxidase levels and histopathological examination were performed.RESULTS:Significant decrease in liver gluthation level and significant increase in malondialdehyde level and myeloperoxidase activity were observed after ischemia/reperfusion in cholestatic rats. Serum and plasma levels for laboratory analysis were also significantly higher in cholestatic I/R group. Hepatic necrosis and fibrosis were detected in histopathological examination. Oral grape-seed extract administiration reversed all these parameters and histopathological findings except serum bilirubin levels.CONCLUSION:Oral grape-seed extract treatment can improve liver functions and attenuate the inflammation and oxidative stress in cholestatic ischemia/reperfusion injury.(AU)

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