Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 138-142

Technique for implanting intramuscular electrodes in the diaphragm by videolaparoscopy in pigs

Ghedini, Rodrigo GuellnerPaludo, Artur de OliveiraMariano, RodrigoSilva, Éverton FrancoThomaz, Leonardo Dalla Giacomassa RochaDiehl, GustavoSimoneti, Lucas Elias LiseDrachler, Igor PiresAndrade, Cristiano Feijó

PURPOSE:To describe a novel approach for implanting intramuscular electrodes in the diaphragm through videolaparoscopy.METHODS:We used twelve pigs for this videolaparoscopic technique, which permits at the same time to explore the diaphragm, to locate its motor points and to fix the electrodes in the diaphragm bilaterally. In this technique we used three trocars: one portal for a 10-mm 0° viewing angle laparoscope, one portal for the manipulation of structures and another for electrode implantation.RESULTS:All animals survived the procedure without pneumothorax/capnothorax or other complication. Implanted electrodes provided an appropriate interface between the muscle and the electrical current generator, and electroventilation was satisfactorily generated in all animals.CONCLUSION:This videolaparoscopic technique with three trocars enables the exploration and identification of motor points and an efficient fixation of one or two electrodes in each hemidiaphragm.(AU)

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