Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 821-825

Stem cells from adipose tissue improve the time of wound healing in rats

Ohashi, Camila MeloCaldeira, Fabio Alves MorikawaFeitosa-Junior, Denilson José SilvaValente, André LopesDutra, Paulo Roberto WitterMiranda, Moysés dos SantosSantos, Simone do Socorro DamascenoBrito, Marcus Vinicius HenriquesOhashi, Otávio MitioYasojima, Edson Yuzur

PURPOSE:To evaluate the Adipose Stem Cells (ACS) therapy efficacy on the time and quality of wound healing process in rats.METHODS:Nine male Wistar rats were randomly distributed into three groups I) 7 days of healing; II) 14 days of healing; III) 21 days of healing. Four incisions were made on the dorsal surface of each rat and then treated with intralesional ACS, meloxicam, and no treatment and ACS+meloxicam. Macroscopic evaluation was measured by percentage of healing and histopathological by hematoxylin-eosin was performed.RESULTS:All groups have the wound reduced during the three weeks (p<0.001) and after 14 days of healing had greater reduction than others. Wounds treated with ASC had accelerated healing in relation to no treatment and only meloxicam (p<0.001), excepting the ASC+Meloxicam that was similar (p=0.13). There was no difference in histopathological analysis between lesions.CONCLUSION:Adipose stem cell have benefits in reducing time of healing of experimental model of wound in rats, observed 7 days of after application.(AU)

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