Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 826-833

Effects of cococonut water and simvastatin in the treatment of sepsis and hemorrhagic shock in rats

Medeiros, Vanessa de Fátima Lima PaivaAzevedo, Ítalo MedeirosCarvalho, Marília Daniela FerreiraEgito, Eryvaldo Sócrates TabosaMedeiros, Aldo Cunha

PURPOSE:To evaluate the effects of modified coconut water as fluid of resuscitation combined with simvastatin in hemorrhagic shock and sepsis model in rats.METHODS:Four groups of Wistar rats with hemorrhagic shock and abdominal sepsis were studied (n=8/group). Rats were bled and maintained at a mean blood pressure 35mmHg for 60min. They were then resuscitated with: 1) saline 0.9%; 2) coconut water+3% NaCl; 3) coconut water+NaCl 3%+simvastatin microemulsion (10 mg/kg i.v.; 4) normal coconut water. At 8h post-resuscitation, blood and lungs were collected for exams.RESULTS:Clinical scores, TNF-α, IL-1β, liver/kidney proof levels, and lung injury were significantly reduced in coconut water+NaCl 3%+simvastatin group treated rats, comparing with the other resuscitation treatments.CONCLUSIONS:Resuscitation with coconut water with Nacl 3%+simvastatin had a significant beneficial effect on downregulating cytokines and decreasing lung injury in a rat model of abdominal sepsis and hemorrhagic shock. We also demonstrated that coconut water with Nacl 3%+simvastatin administration clearly made liver and kidney function better and improved clinical score.(AU)

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