Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 759-764

Influence of chlorpromazine on renal histology of rats submitted to ischemia and reperfusion injury

Foiatto, Júlio CésarCzeczko, Nicolau GregoriWietzikoski, Eduardo Gabriel GuerberMalafaia, OsvaldoBrenny Filho, ThadeuOliveira, André Matos deGomes, Regina de Paula Xavier

PURPOSE:To analyze the influence of chlorpromazine on renal histology of rats submitted to ischemia and reperfusion injury.METHODS:Sixteen Wistar rats - split in two groups - have been used: control group, receiving 3 mg/kg isotonic saline solution through caudal vein, and, the chlorpromazine group, receiving 3 mg/kg-IV of such medication. The nephrectomy of the left kidney lower third was carried out; immediately, the test-drug was administrated. After 15 minutes of test-drug administration, the renal pedicle was clamped; in 60 minutes of ischemia it was released. After 24 hours of the renal reperfusion, the rats were, once more, anesthetized and submitted to total left nephrectomy, and, afterwards, to euthanasia. Histological findings regarding ischemia have been evaluated and compared between the groups.RESULTS:There was no statistical difference related to inferior renal pole histological analysis. Regarding 60-minute renal ischemia, chlorpromazine has statistically reduced the accrual of leucocytes within the vasa recta renis (p=0.036) and the congestion of peritubular capillaries (p=0.041). When conducting joint analysis of histological patterns, the control group showed a median score of 11 and chlorpromazine group of 5.5 (p=0.036).CONCLUSION:Chlorpromazine significantly reduced the occurrence of secondary damage to ischemia and reperfusion process in the overall histological analysis.(AU)

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