Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 698-704

Critical analysis and systematization of rat pancreatectomy terminology

Eulálio, José Marcus RasoBon-Habib, Assad Charbel ChequerSoares, Daiane de OliveiraCorrêa, Paulo Guilherme AntunesPineschi, Giovana Penna FirmeDiniz, Victor SennaManso, José Eduardo FerreiraSchanaider, Alberto

PURPOSE:To critically analyze and standardize the rat pancreatectomy nomenclature variants.METHODS:It was performed a review of indexed manuscripts in PUBMED from 01/01/1945 to 31/12/2015 with the combined keywords "rat pancreatectomy" and "rat pancreas resection". The following parameters was considered: A. Frequency of publications; B. Purpose of the pancreatectomy in each article; C. Bibliographic references; D. Nomenclature of techniques according to the pancreatic parenchyma resection percentageRESULTS:Among the 468, the main objectives were to surgically induce diabetes and to study the genes regulations and expressions. Five rat pancreatectomy technique references received 15 or more citations. Twenty different terminologies were identified for the pancreas resection: according to the resected parenchyma percentage (30 to 95%); to the procedure type (total, subtotal and partial); or based on the selected anatomical region (distal, longitudinal and segmental). A nomenclature systematization was gathered by cross-checking information between the main surgical techniques, the anatomic parameters descriptions and the resected parenchyma percentages.CONCLUSION:The subtotal pancreatectomy nomenclature for parenchymal resection between 80 and 95% establishes a surgical parameter that also defines the total and partial pancreatectomy limits and standardizes these surgical procedures in rats.(AU)

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