Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 461-469

Effects of inferior splenic lobe pole fixation and gastrosplenic peritoneal membrane section on the vitality of the remanent of subtotal splenectomy in rats

Mendonça, Fernanda AlvesCarmo, Felipe Poubel Timm doParis, Louise GoncalvesPagotte, Marya DuartePereira, Fernanda Lube AntunesVidigal, Paula Vieira TeixeiraPaulo, Danilo Nagib SalomãoNunes, Tarcizo Afonso

PURPOSE: To investigate the vitality of the spleen lower pole after subtotal splenectomy with suture to the stomach and after posterior peritoneal gastro-splenic membrane section, using macro and microscopic evaluations. METHODS: Sixty Wistar rats were used in this study and were randomly distributed in the three groups: Group 1: (n=20), subtotal splenectomy with lower pole preservation, Group 2: (n=20) subtotal splenectomy with lower pole preservation and suture to the stomach, Group 3: subtotal splenectomy with lower pole preservation and posterior peritoneal gastrosplenic ligament section. The animals were sacrificed 45 days after the surgery and the spleen lower poles were removed for macroscopic and microscopic examination. RESULTS: All animals in this series survived. No macroscopic differences were encountered between the groups. Microscopic evaluation observed statistic difference concerning fibrosis between group 1 and 3 (p0.05), but the analysis for necrosis and inflammation presented no differences. CONCLUSION: Vitality of the spleen lower pole after subtotal splenectomy is minimally modified when it is fixed to the stomach or when the posterior peritoneal gastrosplenic ligament is resected.(AU)

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