Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 319-327

The effect of simvastatin on relapse of tooth movement and bone mineral density in rats measured by a new method using microtomography

Vieira, Giovanni ModestoChaves, Sacha BraunFerreira, Vânia Maria MoraesFreitas, Karina Maria Salvatore deAmorim, Rivadávio Fernandes Batista

PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of simvastatin on relapse of tooth movement in rats using microtomography (micro CT), as well as the correlation of bone density with the orthodontic relapse.METHODS: Twenty-five adult male Wistar rats, divided into two groups, had stainless steel springs installed on left maxillary first molar. The molars were moved for 18 days, and after removing the springs, were applied by oral gavage, 5mg/kg of simvastatin in the experimental group for 20 days. Tooth relapse was assessed with a micro CT scanner, and the images chosen through the Data Viewer software had their measurement guides made and checked by the software Image ProR plus 5.1, and compared by Mann-Whitney test. After rats were sacrificed, bone mineral density was evaluated by micro CT through the software CT Analyzer 1.13 and compared by independent T-test, as well as by Spearman correlation test.RESULTS: Relapse and bone mineral density (BMD) was lower in the experimental group than in the control group, however without a statistically significant difference.CONCLUSION: Simvastatin did not inhibit the relapse of tooth movement in rats, and there was no correlation between bone density and orthodontic relapse.(AU)

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