Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 371-375

Experience report on teaching surgical technique without animal use

Andrade, Gustavo Maltez deLopes, Humberto Drews PessôaFelício, Saulo José OliveiraCarmo, Vinicio Moitinho doMatos, Ediriomar Peixoto

PURPOSE: To report the experience of the school in implementing the 3 Rs replace, reduce and refine; showing time and assembling cost of the experimental models used in the teaching of Surgical Technique and Experimental Surgery.METHODS: Assembly time and costs of models: grafts and flaps performed in pork belly, model of intestinal anastomosis and jejunostomy done in Bahiana box and black box model for training videosurgery.RESULTS: Average time and cost estimate: ten minutes-pork belly, cost $ 6.00 per kilogram; two minutes-Bahiana box, cost $ 27.2; Black box-3.6 hours for manufacturing, cost $ 100.00. The repetition of each practice the cost is $ 3.20 for Bahiana box and at no cost to the black box.CONCLUSION:The experimental models presented are easily reproducible and of low cost.(AU)

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