Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 235-241

Action of hyperbaric oxygenation in the rat skin flap

Rech, Fabricio ValandroFagundes, Anna Luiza NegriniSimões, Ricardo SantosFlorencio-Silva, RinaldoSasso, Gisela Rodrigues da SilvaTaha, Murched OmarFagundes, Djalma José

PURPOSE: To evaluate the morphology, necrotic area and collagen content in skin flaps of rats subjected to hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO).METHODS:Forty adult rats were divided into four groups: GEC - epilated; GE/HBO - epilated subjected to HBO; GER - epilated submitted to skin flap (2 cm in width /8 cm length in the dorsal area) and GER/HBO - epilated, subjected to skin flap and HBO. HBO (2.4 ATA) was performed for two hours during seven consecutive days. In the eighth day, the rats were anesthetized and the skin flaps were removed and separated into three portions, relative to pedicle fixation. The material fixed in 10% formalin was processed for paraffin embedding; sections were stained by H.E and subjected to picrosirius-red method. The slides examined under light microscopy for evaluation of the collagen content in polarized light microscope and ImageLab(r) software (Bio-Rad).RESULTS:The data showed larger area of necrosis and lower levels of collagen in the three regions of the GER group, whereas in the GER/HBO group the collagen content was similar to the GEC and GE/HBO groups.CONCLUSION: Hyperbaric oxygenation reduced the area of necrosis and preserved the morphology and collagen content in skin flaps of rats.(AU)

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