Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 160-163

Portland cement versus MTA as a root-end filling material. A pilot study

Silva, Sérgio Ribeiro daSilva Neto, José Dias deVeiga, Daniela FrancescatoSchnaider, Taylor BrandãoFerreira, Lydia Masako

PURPOSE: To assess periradicular lesions clinically and by computed tomography (CT) after endodontic surgery using either Portland cement or mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) as a root-end filling material. METHODS: Three patients diagnosed with periradicular lesions by cone-beam CT underwent endodontic surgery with root-end filling. Patient A was treated with MTA as the root-end filling material, patient B was treated with Portland cement and patient C had two teeth treated, one with MTA and the other with Portland cement. Six months after surgery, the patients were assessed clinically and by CT scan and the obtained results were compared. RESULTS: Periradicular tissue regeneration was observed in all cases, with no significant differences in bone formation when comparing the use of MTA and Portland cement as root-end filling materials. CONCLUSION: Both mineral trioxide aggregate and Portland cement were successful in the treatment of periradicular lesions.(AU)

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