Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 806-811

The low-level laser on acute myositis in rats

Carvalho, Ana Flávia Machado deSousa, Paula Fernanda Batista deFeitosa, Maura Cristina PortoCoelho, Nayana Pinheiro Machado de FreitasBarros, Esmeralda Maria LustosaFeitosa, Valrian CamposArisawa, Emília Angela Loschiavo

PURPOSE: To analyze the effects of the low-level laser therapy in the acute myositis induced in rats. METHODS: Twelve rats were subjected to bilateral ovariectomy for inducing osteoporosis. After surgery, they were divided into two groups: Ovariectomy-control group (G1, n=6), receiving 0.5 ml distilled water by gavage for 30 days, and Ovariectomy plus mastruz group (G2, n=6), receiving 0.5 ml of the hydroalcoholic extract of mastruz at 10% concentration (50mg) daily, for the same period. Then, the blood of the animals was collected for further biochemical analysis (liver function) and tibia and liver were removed for histological and histomorphometric analyses. RESULTS: In the MT group there was a statistic significant decrease in the number of inflammatory cells, related to the MI group (p 0.05), increase in the fibroblastic proliferation, when compared to groups C and MI related to MT group (p 0.01) and statistic significant edema regression (p=0.0400) in the MT group CONCLUSION: The low-level laser therapy was efficient in the reduction of the inflammatory process, increase of the fibroblastic proliferation and the reduction of the edema.(AU)

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