Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 824-830

Experimental models of renal dysfunction in female rats. Functional and histological aspects after unilateral nephrectomy or ligation of right renal vein with kidney preservation

Racanicchi, Ingrid Anita Colombo Wadih SchumannOliveira, Ana Beatriz Soares deBarbieri, Renato LamounierDellê, HumbertoDuarte, Ivone da SilvaLeme, Pedro Luiz Squilacci

PURPOSE: To compare renal dysfunction after right nephrectomy and ligation of the right renal vein with preservation of kidney. METHODS: Animals' weight, pH, density, protein in urine and histological samples of the kidneys were evaluated. Fifteen female rats (Wistar) were divided into three groups. In the control group, right renal vein dissections were performed. In the second group, the right nephrectomy was performed. In the third group, the right renal vein was ligated and the kidney was preserved. Urine samples were taken before, three and seven days after the procedure. On the seventh postoperative day the kidneys were removed to histopathological study. Analysis by Student's t test was performed. RESULTS: weight loss, alterations of urine pH (p 0.05), in specific gravity, proteinuria (p 0.05) were found in groups 2 and 3; hemorrhagic infarction and edema were found after ligation of the right renal vein; changes in the left kidney were also observed on the seventh day.(AU)

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