Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 39-43

Human beta defensin-4 and keratinocyte growth factor gene expression in cultured keratinocyte and fibroblasts of burned patients

Noronha, Silvana Aparecida Alves Corrêa deNoronha, Samuel Marcos Ribeiro deLanziani, Larissa EliasIpolito, Michele ZampieriFerreira, Lydia MasakoGragnani, Alfredo

To evaluate KGF and human beta defensin-4 (HBD-4) levels produced by dermic fibroblasts and keratinocytes cultivated from burned patients' skin samples. Keratinocytes and fibroblasts of 10 patients (four major burns, four minor burns and two controls) were primarily cultivated according to standard methods. HBD-4 and KGF genes were analyzed by quantitative PCR. In fibroblasts, KGF gene expression was 220±80 and 33.33±6.67 (M±SD; N=4), respectively for major and minor burn groups. In keratinocytes, KGF gene expression was 11.2±1.9 and 3.45±0.37 (M±SD; N=4), respectively for major and minor burn groups. In fibroblasts, HBD-4 gene expression was 15.0±4.0 and 11.5±0.5 (M±SD; N=4), respectively for major and minor burn. In keratinocyte, HBD-4 gene expression was 0.0±0.0 and 13.4±4.8 (M±SD; N=4), respectively for major and minor burn. KGF expression was increased in burn patient fibroblasts compared to control group. In keratinocytes culture, KGF suppression is inversely proportional to burn extension; it is active and increased in major burn but decreased in minor burn. HBD-4 expression was increased in fibroblasts and decreased in keratinocytes from all burned patients.(AU)

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