Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 34-38

Age-dependent expression of Pten and Smad4 genes in the urogenital system of Wistar rats

Rocha, Beatriz RodriguesColli, Sicilia da RochaBarcelos, Leilane MariaGregório, Bianca MartinsSampaio, Francisco José Barcellos

PURPOSE: To analyze Pten and Smad4 gene expression in the urogenital system of Wistar rats in differents ages. METHODS: Pten and Smad4 mRNA expression was assessed in the bladder, ventral prostate, testis, ovaries, and uterus by real-time PCR. Statistical analysis using the ANOVA (p<0.05). RESULTS: Pten levels showed a progressive age-dependent increase in the bladder (male and female) and prostate and were elevated in the ovaries of the middle-aged. In the uterus, no statistically significant differences were observed; in the testis, increased and decreased levels were seen in young adult and middle-aged rats, respectively. Smad4 expression was downregulated in the ovaries of the pubertal group but increased in the middle age group. In the uterus, Smad4 expression in the oldest group was higher than the others groups. In the testis, Smad4 expression steadily declined with age; in the prostate, it was higher in middle-aged rats than in younger rats. A similar trend was observed in the bladder of male and female middle-aged rats, compared with the pubertal group. CONCLUSION: The changes in phosphatase tensin homologue and Smad4 mRNA expression in Wistar rats appear to be associated with hormonal modifications in puberty and may be related to early follicular and testicular development. .(AU)

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