Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 603-607

Evaluation of liver regeneration with use of diet supplemented with l-arginine

Montenegro, Widlani SousaMalafaia, OsvaldoNassif, Paulo Afonso NunesMoreira, Luciane BugmannPrestes, Manoel AlbertoKume, Márcio HiroakiJurkonis, Leandro BressianiniCella, Igor Furlan

PURPOSE:To compare controlled liver regeneration in rats submitted to 60% hepatic resection having L-arginine supplemented diet, based on weight changes of the regenerated liver, laboratory parameters of liver function and pathological findings.METHODS:Thirty-six rats were divided into two groups, control and L- arginine. The first received standard chow and saline solution by gavage. The second had supplementation with L- arginine. Animals were killed on postoperative period at 24h, 72h and seven days. For analysis of liver regeneration was used Kwon formula for weight, laboratory tests and mitosis.RESULTS:Weight, showed no benefit with L- arginine supplementation; however, intergroup comparison in the first 24h observed positive effect on supplementation (p=0.008). Alkaline phosphatase was increased in arginine group (p<0.04). The number of mitoses showed no difference between the two groups; however, in the first 24 hours, the supplemented group had higher number of mitoses within the groups (p=0.03).CONCLUSION:Supplementation with L-arginine did not show benefits in liver regeneration; however, supplemented group in the first 24 hours showed benefits over 72 hours and seven days of the evaluation by weight gain and number of mitosis.(AU)

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