Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 457-464

Urethral dysfunction due to alloxan-induced diabetes. Urodynamic and morphological evaluation

Pegorare, Ana Beatriz Gomes de SouzaGonçalves, Marco AntônioSuaid, Carla AdelinoRodrigues Junior, Antonio AntunesTucci Jr, SilvioSuaid, Haylton Jorge

PURPOSE: To evaluate the effect of short and long term alloxan-induced diabetes on bladder and urethral function of female rats, and also describing its correlated morphological alterations. METHODS: Thirty five female rats were divided into three groups: G1 (n=9), control group; G2 (n=17), six weeks alloxan-induced diabetic rats; G3 (n=9), 20 weeks alloxan-induced diabetic rats. Functional evaluation was performed by cystometry and simultaneous measurements of the urethral pressure during bladder filling and voiding. Morphological evaluation was also performed with measurement of bladder and urethral fibrosis and collagen content and thickness of lamina propria and smooth muscle layers. RESULTS: The peak bladder pressures and contraction amplitudes were decreased in 100% and 47% of the G3 and G2 groups respectively, when compared to control. Bladder overactivity was observed in 53% of the G2 group. CONCLUSION: Alloxan-induced diabetes urethropathty in female rat was associated to bladder morphological alterations as higher thicknesses of it lamina propria, detrusor and adventicea. (AU)

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