Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 429-437

Applicability of crystalline cellulose membrane in the treatment of skin wounds induced in Wistar rats

Camargo, Milena ColonheseNogueira, Rosa Maria BarilliSanches, Osimar de CarvalhoSaab, Maria da GraçaBatista, AlineVasconcelos, DianeLuvisotto, Letícia YuriLúcio, Marco Aurélio Aparecido

PURPOSE: To evaluate the healing of skin wounds induced experimentally in rats using a crystalline cellulose membrane (Veloderm(r)). METHODS: Thirty-two rats were divided into two groups: control group (CG) wounds treated with a solution of 0.9% sodium chloride and Veloderm(r) group (VG) wounds treated with a crystalline cellulose membrane. The rats were evaluated at different times over twenty-six days. RESULTS: Weight loss was observed in the animals from both groups in the early stages, with greater weight in the VG animals at the end. Times of predominant hypothermia, pink color of the wound in both groups over all time points, increased granulation tissue in the CG animals, the presence of slight oozing from the wound and feature in the VG animals, more serous exudation of the bloody feature, greater wound contraction and pain in the CG animals and an absence of pain and earlier complete wound healing in the VG rats were also observed. CONCLUSION: The crystalline cellulose membrane is effective in the treatment of wounds in rats, easy to use, protects and maintains the humidity of the wound, decreases pain, eases the visualization and control of the evolution of the lesion. (AU)

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