Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 353-358

Morphological changes in the liver and kidneys of rats subjected to terminal ileum exclusion during obstructive cholestasis

Costa, Evandro Luis de OliveiraAzevedo Jr, Geraldo Magela dePetroianu, Andy

To investigate the effects of ileal exclusion on hepatic and renal morphology in extra-hepatic cholestasis. Twenty four rats were distributed into three groups. Group 1 (control) underwent laparotomy and laparorrhaphy. The animals in groups 2 and 3 underwent hepatic duct ligature and kept in cholestasis for four weeks. After this period, the rats in groups 2 and 3 underwent internal biliary derivation. In Group 3, the last ten centimeters of the terminal ileum were by passed and excluded. Four weeks later, histological and biochemical analysis were performed in all animals of the three groups. In Group 1, no abnormalities regarding hepatic morphology were observed. All animals from groups 2 and 3 presented hepatic fibrosis. No difference was observed between the two groups. No morphological differences in renal histology could be identified among the three groups. There were differences in AST (p<0.05), ALT (p<0.05), direct bilirubin (p<0.05), ƔGT (p<0.05), urea (p<0.05) and creatinine (p<0.05) in Group 3 compared to control. The distal ileum exclusion had no influence upon the hepatic and renal morphological alterations, and biochemical liver and kidney tests have worsened.(AU)

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