Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 274-279

Urethral dysfunction due to alloxan-induced diabetes. Urodynamic evaluation and action of sildenafil citrate

Pegorare, Ana Beatriz Gomes de SouzaGonçalves, Marco AntonioOliveira, Alessandra Martiniano deRodrigues Junior, Antonio AntunesTucci Jr, SilvioSuaid, Haylton Jorge

To evaluate the effect of diabetes mellitus and of sildenafil citrate on female urethral function. Twenty nine female rats were divided into four groups: G1 - (n=9), normal rats; G2 - (n=6), normal rats treated with sildenafil citrate; G3 - (n=9) rats with alloxan-induced diabetes; G4 - (n=5) rats with alloxan-induced diabetes treated with sildenafil citrate. Under anesthesia, urodynamic evaluation was performed by cystometry and urethral pressure simultaneously. A significant increase in urethral pressure was observed during micturition. Sildenafil citrate can partially reduced urethral pressure in diabetic female rats.(AU)

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