Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 151-157

Behavioural and cognitive effects of simvastatin dose used in stimulation of bone regeneration in rats

Sousa, Dircilei Nascimento deSantana, Washington Macedo deFerreira, Vania MoraesDuarte, Wagner Rodrigues

To analyze the effects of simvastatin (SVT) in the locomotion, anxiety and memory of rats, as a reflection of the administration of a minimum dose capable of stimulating bone regeneration in defects in the calvariae. METHODS: Surgical procedures were performed in 15 female Wistar rats, 2-month old, to insert the grafting material regenerator (Bone-ceramic(r)) and/or SVT, followed by behavioural and cognitive assessments in the 7th, 30th and 60th days post surgery. RESULTS: The SVT locally applied with the goal of bone regeneration in defects created in rat calvariae does not interfere with locomotion, anxiety levels and/or memories of rats, except for the first week following surgery, when an anxiolytic effect was observed, as a result of a possible central action. CONCLUSION: Failure to provoke any response within 30 and 60 days post surgical procedures suggests that SVT may constitute a good choice in stimulating bone regeneration without affecting the long term neural functions.(AU)

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