Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 93-98

The ileum positively regulates hepatic regeneration in rats

Medeiros, Aldo CunhaAzevedo, Ana Clara BatistaOseas, Jessica Mayara de FigueiredoGomes, Mariana Davim FerreiraOliveira, Fernanda Gurgel deRocha, Keyla Borges FerreiraAzevedo, Italo MedeirosRego, Amalia Cinthia MenesesCarvalho, Marilia Daniela Ferreira

To test the hypothesis that liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy can be influenced by the ileum. METHODS: Eighteen Wistar rats were distributed into groups of six animals: 1 - ileum resection+ hepatectomy 2/3; 2 - hepatectomy 2/3, and 3 - sham. Anesthesia with ketamine and xylazine i.p., aseptic technique, analgesia with meperidine (10mg/kg s.c.). On day 6, serum ALT, AST, alkaline phosphatase (AP) and albumin were measured. Liver regeneration and hepatocyte mitosis were quantified. Statistical analysis with ANOVA and Tukey tests, with significance p<0.05. RESULTS: In group hepatectomy+ileal resection, ALT, AST and AP were 180.6±24.9, 58.6±3.1 and 254.6±46.6 respectively. They were significantly higher than in the hepatectomy group, whose values were 126.0±16.5, 44.1±3.9 and 163.5±8.6, respectively (p<0.001). Albumin levels were not significantly different among groups. Liver regeneration in hepatectomy group (94.17%) was statistically higher (p<0.001) than in ileal resection+hepatectomy group (55.96%). In the latter group the mitosis of hepatocytes were significantly less frequent than in the hepatectomy group. CONCLUSION: The data confirm that the ileum positively influence on liver regeneration in rats undergoing hepatectomy.(AU)

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