Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 658-666

Effects of glucose and glutamine concentrations in human dental pulp stem cells viability. An approach for cell transplantation

Machado, NatashaDuailibi, Silvio EduardoSantos, Jennifer Adriane dosPenna, VanessaFerreira, Lydia MasakoDuailibi, Monica Talarico

PURPOSE: To evaluate microscopic behavior and viability of dental pulp stem cells under glucose and glutamine deprivation. METHODS: Human tooth tissues were minced in isolated pieces and cultured until the desired cellular proliferation for experimental phases. Cells were cultured under variations of glucose and glutamine in both serum presence and absence, and then those cells were evaluated according to number and viability by MTT assay. The confocal microscopy analyzed cytoskeleton, nucleus, and mitochondria integrity. RESULTS: A low concentration of glucose favored cellular viability and microscopic behavior; the presence of glutamine in culture medium was favorable only when associated with glucose. The cellular biological potential in culture could be preserved in serum absence if nutritional requirements are adequate. CONCLUSION: Cell microscopic behavior and viability have demonstrated better patterns on serum-free low glucose culture medium with glutamine deprivation. .(AU)

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