Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 16-23

The testis of the mice C57/BL6 offspring in adulthood have alterations due to maternal caffeine consumption

Cavalcante, Fernanda SilveiraAiceles, VeronicaMoraes, Diana de Freitas SerapiaoAlves-Pereira, Jorge LuizFaria, Tatiane SilvaRamos, Cristiane da Fonte

To investigate the effects of the maternal caffeine consumption during pregnancy to adult male testis mice offspring. METHODS: Twenty pregnant mice were divided into control group (c) and caffeine group (cf). dams received daily saline or 20 mg/kg of caffeine subcutaneously. Male offspring were monitored daily until 13th week. The testis were used to evaluate both the proliferation (pcna) and apoptosis (bax); leptin receptor (ob-r); aromatase; follicle stimulating hormone (fshr), luteinizing hormone (lhr) and androgen receptors (ar); steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (star); vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) and estrogen receptors (erα and erβ) by western blotting. Serum concentrations of testosterone, estradiol and leptin were measured. RESULTS: There was a significant reduction in food intake and the body mass gain (p<0.05) in the cf ; pcna (p=0.01), fshr (p=0.02), star (p=0.0007), vegf (p=0.009), ar (p=0.03) in the cf. while an increase were note in bax (p=0.01), ob-r (p=0.02), lhr (p=0.04) and in the aromatase (p=0.03) in the cf. only erα and erβ were not changed by maternal caffeine. The serum testosterone levels in the cf offspring were 90% lower than in the c offspring (p=0.04). CONCLUSION: Maternal caffeine consumption has a role and alters the testis of the offspring in adulthood.(AU)

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