Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 518-522

Expression of FAS ligand in the ipsilateral and contralateral testicles of rats subjected to the torsion of the unilateral testicular cord

Assis, Peterson Vieira deAydos, Ricardo DutraSilva, Iandara SchettertMarks, GuidoTakita, Luis CarlosGonçalves, Marco AntonioRamalho, Rondon Tosta

PURPOSE: To investigate the expression of FAS ligand (FASL) in ipsilateral and contralateral testicles of rats submitted to ischemia/reperfusion. METHODS: Wistar rats (n=21) distributed into groups control (GC), n=5, testicular exposure; ischemia (GI), (n=8), Torsion in the left testicular Cord (TCT) for three hours followed by orchiectomy without distortion and orchietomy of the contralateral testicle after 24 hours; and reperfusion (GR), (n=8), left TCT for 3 hours and distortion and repositioning on the scrotum and bilateral orchiectomy after 24 hours. Quantification of the FASL expression by immune-histochemistry. RESULTS: Statistical analysis showed similarity between GC and GI (p>0.05), differences detected are concentrated on the GR (p<0.05), increase in immunoexpression of FASL in the subgroups Right GR (406.8+-61.5) and Left GR (135.3 +-28.9) with significant predominance in the GR subgroup. CONCLUSION: Ischemia/reperfusion increased the FASL expression significantly in contralateral testicles in GR, in rats.(AU)

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