Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 94-101

Peroneal nerve reconstruction by using glycerol-preserved veins: histological and functional assessment in rats

Cunha, Armando dos SantosCosta, Marcio PaulinoDa Silva, Ciro Ferreira

PURPOSE: To compare the degree of neural regeneration in rats upon interposition of autologous nerve graft, autogenous vein, glycerol-preserved autogenous vein, and glycerol-preserved allogeneic vein using qualitative and quantitative histological analyses as well as functional assessments. METHODS: Peroneal nerves were reconstructed differently in four groups of animals. Functional assessments were performed pre- and postoperatively for a period of six weeks. After six weeks, the animals were sacrificed and histological evaluations were performed. RESULTS: Histological patterns of autogenous veins without preservation showed pronounced neoangiogenesis and extensive axonal rarefaction, as confirmed by axonal counting and functional assessments. Glycerol-preserved veins had results similar to the control. CONCLUSIONS: Glycerol-preserved autogenous or allogeneic veins showed similar results to autograft results. The autogenous vein (without preservation in glycerol) presented histological and functional outcomes statistically lower than other groups.(AU)

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