Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 329-332

Efeitos do eletrocautério para provocar lesão térmica endovascular

Rossi, Fabio HenriqueIzukawa, Nilo MitsuruSilva, Domingos GuerinoChen, JulianaPrakasan, Akash KuzhiparambilZamorano, Mabel Moura BarrosSilva, Lílian Mary

PURPOSE: To investigate the effects of a new electrocautery device to provoke endovascular venous thermal injury. METHODS: An experimental endovascular electrocautery was placed inside eight ex-vivo bovine saphenous veins models. Each one was divided in eight segments and progressive intensities of electric energy liberated. The macroscopic and microscopic effects were analyzed. RESULTS: Forty bovine saphenous veins segments were studied. The higher the electric energy applied the greater the nuclear picnosis and more intense the cytoplasmatic shrinkage and electrocoagulation effects. CONCLUSION: The experimental endovascular electrocautery device demonstrated to be both capable of inducing the destruction of the intimal layers of the studied vein model and provoke endovascular thermal injury.(AU)

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